Chavous Consulting is a WMBE/DBE certified management consulting firm that has been licensed to do business in PA since 2010. Our firm combine proven grassroots oriented solutions with cutting edge innovation. Our team can help your business, or nonprofit identify strategic goals and the path to get there. Our consultants understand the challenges you face and how to turn them into opportunities.

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We develop comprehensive plans, budgets and timelines that monitor and manage the execution of events from beginning to end.

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We create and execute comprehensive and detailed fundraising plans that use a five-pronged approach to achieving funding goals.

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We work with organizations to conduct self assessments, set priorities, focus energy and resources for employees and other stakeholders to work towards a common goal.

We identify the project objectives in terms of outputs, outcomes or benefits and manage the planning, executing and closing of projects.

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We provide direct outreach to community members to either provide information and/or obtain direct feedback on initiatives and projects as well as develop, build and maintain relationships 

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We work with local, state and federal legislators to develop and maintain communication as well as garner support for initiatives that impact the communities they serve.


We interact with media to provide coverage of client events and initiatives. We also provide crisis communications support including planning and execution as well as the development of media plans and digital marketing guides.


Let's see what work we can do together. We are excited to get to know you. 


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